Top 4 Reasons to Schedule Your Appointment Mid-Week

Booking your appointments 4-6 weeks ahead of time can be a scheduling life saver.  Here are our top four reasons to make your appointment mid-week!

First, recharging your brain can work wonders for increased creativity and morale!  A great shampoo and scalp massage can go a long way.  Break up the monotony of sitting at a desk, crunching numbers, or managing people to the point of insanity by scheduling your appointment mid-day.   This rejuvenation will leave you feeling pampered, productive, and more creative!

Two, looking polished and powerful at work will help make a great impression in any business setting.  When you look put together, you not only feel more energized but you look effortless while getting the job done!

The third reason to schedule your appointment during the week is that looking good will leave you feeling good and for many of us, that is a welcome mood booster during the work week!  When your job has you stressed to the max, looking polished definitely helps relieve some of that anxiety. 

Finally, knowing that your hair will look awesome all week allows you to make fun plans for the weekend.  Plan a Saturday morning brunch or grab a movie with family and friends – either way, your weekend will be free to show off your beautiful mane.