Apprentice Spotlight

At Redhead Salon Boutique we are very proud of our apprentice program! We currently have three apprentices here in the salon: Lucy, Jena and El. They were kind enough to sit down and answer some questions about themselves and their experience as an apprentice.

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Our New Line...Little Green Kids

At Redhead Salon Boutique we advocate for education and sustainability. As such, we like to stock our product shelves with companies who have the same values as we do. One of the newest lines we have chosen to carry, Little Green Kids, puts an emphasis on creating products that are gentle, safe, and pure for children.

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Color me Compagnia!

At Redhead Salon Boutique we are very proud of the color we use: Compagnia del Colore. This hair coloring line not only colors your hair; it nourishes it. Through over fifty production process procedures and a top-secret formula, Compagnia del Colore color offers a formula that provides safety and performance.

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How to: Use Dry Shampoo Effectively

Four out of five women do not shower every day; which means the majority of us are indeed skipping shampoos. Whether this is because of lack of motivation or just business… women need an alternative solution to keep up with their busy schedules. Further, our stylists recommend NOT shampooing everyday for the integrity of your hair and scalp, so dry shampoo is a great alternative to help keep hair healthy and fresh.

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Ten years of style

“If you can imagine it for your hair, we want to make it real. We want to bring your style to life. Most importantly, we want to make you feel beautiful and comfortable in your own skin. That’s the essence of our business.” The team at Redhead Salon Boutique has done just that for ten years.

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Attention snowbirds!!

Attention snowbirds!  Although we are incredibly jealous of your tropical get away, we don’t want to leave you in the lurch to deal with the not-so-wonderful characteristics of the tropics.  We are talking about frizz!  Frizz is a problem.  We have some answers.

We love all Davines products, but there are a few particularly good ones when it comes to combating frizz.  First, is MOMO shampoo for normal-fine hair.  This formula was created to deeply moisturize dry, dehydrated hair.  It will leave your hair feeling soft, silky, and full bodied.   Follow that up with Davines’ MOMO conditioner.  A counterpart to the MOMO shampoo, this conditioner won’t weigh your hair down or leave it feeling greasy with product. 

If you are lucky enough to have a naturally curly-wavy texture, use Davines’ Love Curl shampoo and conditioner.  These products are rich in olive tree oil derivatives that restore the natural moisture-lipid balance in your hair.  You’ll instantly fall in love with how shiny your locks become after using each of these!

Finally, ladies with coarse or thick hair should invest in Davines’ Love Smooth shampoo and conditioner.  This shampoo is specially formulated for harsh and frizzy hair.  Its deep moisturizing agents will assist in the combing and styling of your hair while respecting its natural structure.  Love Smooth conditioner is a blend of conditioning agents, moisturizers, and silicon that will help tame undisciplined hair.

An easy but dramatic look for your holiday parties

Looking for a dramatic but easy look for your upcoming holiday parties?  The deep side part is just the thing.  This red carpet inspired look is both simple and elegant.

Divide and conquer your hair by starting your deep part right on your parietal ridge (the part of your head where the bones begin to curve upward).  Parting your hair past this point on your head will leave you rocking a Donald Trump-esque comb over! Instead, keep your part right on your parietal ridge or just before it. 

The deep side part is super versatile and requires very minimal effort.  Check out some of our favorite celebrities rocking the look below!

Top 4 Reasons to Schedule Your Appointment Mid-Week

Booking your appointments 4-6 weeks ahead of time can be a scheduling life saver.  Here are our top four reasons to make your appointment mid-week!

First, recharging your brain can work wonders for increased creativity and morale!  A great shampoo and scalp massage can go a long way.  Break up the monotony of sitting at a desk, crunching numbers, or managing people to the point of insanity by scheduling your appointment mid-day.   This rejuvenation will leave you feeling pampered, productive, and more creative!

Two, looking polished and powerful at work will help make a great impression in any business setting.  When you look put together, you not only feel more energized but you look effortless while getting the job done!

The third reason to schedule your appointment during the week is that looking good will leave you feeling good and for many of us, that is a welcome mood booster during the work week!  When your job has you stressed to the max, looking polished definitely helps relieve some of that anxiety. 

Finally, knowing that your hair will look awesome all week allows you to make fun plans for the weekend.  Plan a Saturday morning brunch or grab a movie with family and friends – either way, your weekend will be free to show off your beautiful mane.  

Untangling the Effects of Hardwater!

If you use the right products your hair is sure to always look beautiful and healthy, right?  Wrong!  Unfortunately, there’s more to the equation!  Let’s talk about the water with which you wash your locks.

 Have you ever been away on travel for a weekend only to find your hair looking completely lifeless after a shower?  You were likely being exposed to hard water that left your hair looking and feeling dried out, weighed down, and generally awful.  There are so many minerals in hard water that have some seriously damaging impact on your locks - dryness, color fading, build up on the scalp, and lack of lather (which means you’ll end up wasting shampoo!).  However, there are a few ways to combat these negative effects!

First, consider installing a showerhead with a built-in filter.  A quality showerhead with filter will cost you around $35.00, but will be well worth it in the amount of product you will save as a result.   Next, consider investing in two life changing Davines products, SU Shampoo and OI/All in One Milk.

SU Shampoo is a clarifying shampoo that should be used twice a week.  It has a rich formula designed to restore hydration and softness.  This product will instantly provide a restructuring action and eliminate residues such as salt and chlorine. 

OI/All in One Milk is a styling product with built in treatment.  This product is a miracle worker!  It will add shine and softness, work as a detangling agent, moisturize, AND give body to your hair without weighing it down. 

While exposing your hair to hardwater is sometimes inescapable, there are things you can do to combat the unwanted effects.  Stop by the salon to pick up either of these two products so that you won’t be caught on a weekend away without them!


Small Business Saturday is an event held on the Saturday following Thanksgiving during the busiest shopping period of the year.  This nation-wide initiative aims to support fledgling small businesses, helping them establish themselves and promote to local shoppers.  The day was originally branded by American Express as a counterpart to Black Friday and Cyber Monday – two events which feature big box retail and competitive e-commerce.  Over the past four years, Small Business Saturday has gained traction and as a result, has helped local shopkeepers seize a larger share of the billions of dollars Americans spend during Thanksgiving weekend.

We are excited to announce that we have teamed up with Sea Salt and Cinnamon to participate in this year’s Small Business Saturday.  Please stop by the salon on Saturday, November 29th to enjoy refreshments, a complimentary Sea Salt and Cinnamon cupcake, and stock up on your favorite products for Christmas. 

Shopping small means your business directly supports a daughter’s dance lesson, a son’s tee-ball tournament, a cat’s visit to the vet and so much more.  We hope that you will join us in making the decision to shop small this Saturday by visiting the salon and other local Muncie businesses.  For more information about our Small Business Saturday partner, check out Sea Salt and Cinnamon’s website at




Fall Color Trends

As the leaves begin to change color, you may be finding yourself in need of a transformation as well.  This fall we will see a twist on the traditional ombre becoming popular, as well as, the introduction of “bronde”, the latest combination of brown and blonde. 

The traditional ombre look with dark roots and drastically lighter ends has evolved into a much softer, more subtle color combination.  This new technique, referred to balayage, provides clients with colors that are more blended and less extreme between their roots and ends. The nuances achieved by this trend are the perfect way to freshen up your natural color!  However, perhaps the best part about this look is the little maintenance it requires.  Balayage doesn't result in obvious regrowth like with foils.  As a result, sticking to color-safe shampoos and conditioners is sure to guarantee that you will love the way your hair grows out.  

The worlds of rich, sophisticated brunette and lighter, brighter blondes are now colliding with the introduction of this latest trend.  This new color, referred to as “bronde”, is a subtle combination of blonde and brunette that is flattering on nearly all skin tones!  This color  is the perfect merge of the warmth of a brunette, with the coolness of a blonde.  Now blondes can enjoy an elegant addition of depth to their color, while brunettes can experience lift and illumination without the need to go platinum!

Transformation Tuesday

Happy Transformation Tuesday!! 

Have you been thinking about making a big change to your look?  Let client Keith Lee be your inspiration!  Keith was recently in our salon to make a drastic change by chopping off four ten-inch ponytails of hair!!

Keith, a recent Ball State University graduate, began growing his hair during his last season of collegiate football.  “I had a couple friends on the team who were doing the same, so we thought it would be awesome to all grow our hair out together,” he offered.   After he noticed how quickly his hair grew, he decided to stick with the long locks until they were long enough to be accepted as a donation to the Locks of Love organization. 

Locks of Love is a public non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children under age 21 suffering from long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis.

“I really loved my long hair but I realized that someone else could use it and love it more than I ever could and I’m happy I was able to help someone out.   Society can be really harsh toward people who look different and I’m glad I was able to help make a difference for someone through my donation.” 

After Keith’s transformation, he was able to make a significant contribution to Locks of Love.  Both his stylist, Laura, and the entire Redhead team are incredibly proud of his donation and thankful he chose our salon to help in the process! 

Redhead Style Parties

"I didn't even realize style parties were an option.  It seems like too good of an opportunity to be true.  It's free, fun, and you get some really great deals.  I'm glad I was invited to one!" - Mary Michaelsen, recent style party guest and Muncie resident. 

Many people, like Mary, are unaware of this complimentary service our salon has to offer.  Style parties are a free experience we provide to clients upon request.  It is a small event hosted at the salon with clients and their closest friends.  During your style party you will spend time learning hair care tips and tricks from our team.  Additionally, you'll have the opportunity to get hands on tutorials and ask hair care questions specific to your needs.  Our stylists will walk you through how to use certain products and some things you might take into consideration as it relates to your own hair.  Finally, all attendees are offered 40% off the services they book that night, as well as, 20% any products purchased that night.  

"I learned a ton of things about my hair and what I'm doing to it.  I wasn't even shampooing my hair correctly and I had no idea!! - Danielle Kelly, a member of the Ball State Communication faculty and recent style party guest.  

Guests are treated to complimentary appetizers and spirits, given a tour of our salon, and a demonstration of our most popular and functional products.  Check out a few pictures below from some of our most successful events and click here to schedule your complimentary style party today. 

Look at more pictures from past style parties by visiting our Pinterest page!

Morgan Stonebraker, Senior Stylist

Did you know?  Morgan Stonebraker was recently promoted to Senior Stylist!  

Morgan has been a member of our team for nearly two and a half years.  She joined the Redhead family as an apprentice and has been working her way up in the industry ever since.  Based on her experience and dedication, she has most definitely earned the title of Senior Stylist, as well as, the responsibility that comes with it.

Morgan Stonebraker, Senior Stylist at Redhead Salon Boutique

Morgan Stonebraker, Senior Stylist at Redhead Salon Boutique

Morgan offered that she has always been drawn to the beauty industry because of her desire to help others feel beautiful and confident!  She's a self defined people person who loves working in a team-oriented environment like Redhead Salon.  

Moving forward as a Senior Stylist, Morgan will become more involved in the training of potential new Redhead Salon team members.  She will have the opportunity to work more closely with the salon's apprenticeship program while also continuing to take on new clients of her own.  

Call us at 765.284.6505 to schedule an appointment with Morgan!

Hot Tot Hair Products Now Available!

Redhead Salon Boutique is proud to announce we now carry a line of products with little ones in mind!  Hot Tot is a line of organic and sustainable hair care products specifically formulated for children and babies.

Hot Tot Products at Redhead Salon Boutique 

Hot Tot Products at Redhead Salon Boutique 

Young children are especially vulnerable to the harsh ingredients found in many beauty products.  Creator of Hot Tot, Megan Gage, wanted to develop a line of high-end products that are safe for children without compromising great style.  Her business has had huge success and recently caught the attention of entrepreneur and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban, on the hit show Shark Tank!

Products included in this line are shampoo, conditioner, styling gel, detangler, structure whip, finishing mist, sweet pea serum, and spotless tot hair and body cleanser.  Drop by the salon today to pick up any of these products for your tot!

Elizabeth Lennartz, Accepting New Clients

After finishing the first year of her apprenticeship at Redhead Salon Boutique, Elizabeth Lennartz is currently taking new clients.   

Elizabeth is a July 2013 graduate of the local cosmetology school, Amber’s Beauty School.  Although cosmetology school wasn’t originally in Elizabeth’s plan, she notes that she couldn’t be happier with her choice to get involved in the beauty industry.  “I absolutely loved beauty school.  It was learning about something I loved while getting to play every day!” Elizabeth noted about her education. 

As a current apprentice at Redhead, she has spent a significant amount of time getting hands on experience observing and working alongside some of the salon’s senior stylists.  Elizabeth offered that she appreciates the experience her apprenticeship has provided, but is excited to start building a clientele of her own!

She noted that there is nothing more rewarding than helping her clients feel better about their appearance after they leave her chair.  Among other things, her favorite way to do this is coloring.  That may not come as a surprise however, because while Elizabeth is currently sporting short, dark hair, she’s also been a blonde and a redhead!!

Whether you are looking for a total transformation, a quick trim, or a brilliant color, Elizabeth is both excited and ready for you to find yourself in her chair.  Call into the salon at (765) 284 6505 to make an appointment on Saturdays with Elizabeth.  Also, mention you read about Elizabeth in our blog for a chance to be a featured customer!