Staff Spotlight: Stylist Laura Howard


Redhead Salon Boutique (RSB) has a nine staff team whom are dedicated to helping you look your best. But besides their names, how much do you really know about our stylists? For this week’s staff spotlight, we will feature stylist Laura Howard, who has been with us for approximately two and a half years.

What is a fun fact about you?: I’ve been skydiving twice!

Where are you from?: New Castle, IN

Where have you traveled?: Florida, Kentucky, New York, Belize and Cozumel.

What are some of your hobbies? Antiquing, CrossFit, taking naps and crafts

Where is your favorite Muncie hangout?: The Arsenal

What do you do in your free time?: Clean my house and take naps

What did you do before working at RSB?: Went to Amber’s and worked at Subway.

What made you want to work with RSB?: The apprenticeship program and the team.

What is your favorite part of working at RSB?: Being able to love my job every day and having the best team ever to work with.

What does the ten year anniversary mean to you?: Realizing how far we’ve come and appreciating how awesome our leaders are and how we can constantly trust them.

What does education mean to you?: Unlimited growth as a salon and individual.

Getting hair done should not be a chore; it should be something fun to do! Many people return to our salon because it gives a feeling of family and familiarity. After learning a little about Laura, come in and set up an appointment with her!