continue your education with our training opportunities



Continuing Education:

At Redhead, continuing the education of our staff is one of the most important parts of our business. We are an education-driven salon with a system designed to ensure technical excellence and total customer satisfaction. All of our staff members regularly attend various educational opportunities through our product partners: Davines, BennieFactor and GAGE for Men. Our ongoing education covers all facets of a stylist’s career: professional skills, advanced coloring techniques, advanced hair cutting, styling, business management, marketing and interpersonal skills.

Apprentice Program:

We pride ourselves on our apprentice program, which allows cosmetology school graduates to reap the benefits of hands-on, professional experience in our salon atmosphere before becoming full-time stylists. The one-year program allows stylists-in-training to transition from cosmetology school to the salon environment, while gaining real-world experience from the best in the business. Throughout the program, apprentices are able to perfect their skills and gradually build their own clientele. Graduation from our apprentice program is required in order to become a full-time stylist at Redhead. Please contact us if you are interested!

Amber’s Beauty School:

We share a close relationship with Muncie’s historic cosmetology school, Amber’s Beauty School. As our sister cosmetology company, we believe Amber’s instills the qualities in students necessary to cultivate the best stylists in the business.