Color me Compagnia!


At Redhead Salon Boutique we are very proud of the color we use: Compagnia del Colore. This hair coloring line not only colors your hair; it nourishes it. Through over fifty production process procedures and a top-secret formula, Compagnia del Colore color offers a formula that provides safety and performance.

Compagnia del Colore offers products with low ammonia and low alkaline formulations that provide state-of-the-art salon color services. In addition to carrying the Color me Compagnia color line, we also carry the color mask line that is used to enhance, customize and colorize hair color. This color mask allows clients to keep hair hydrated while intensifying the natural or cosmetically colored hair that you are so proud of.

Our coloring services are something we are extremely proud of here at Redhead Salon Boutique. Give us a call to schedule an appointment with one of our color specialists today!