How to: Use Dry Shampoo Effectively


Four out of five women do not shower every day; which means the majority of us are indeed skipping shampoos. Whether this is because of lack of motivation or just business… women need an alternative solution to keep up with their busy schedules. Further, our stylists recommend NOT shampooing everyday for the integrity of your hair and scalp, so dry shampoo is a great alternative to help keep hair healthy and fresh.

As such, the use of dry shampoo has been on the rise over the past year but many don’t know how to effectively use it! The following three steps are a great start to knowing how to use dry shampoo effectively.

1.     Spray your dry shampoo at least six inches away from the roots to avoid build up and promote the even distribution of the product.

2.     Use your fingers to blend the dry shampoo into the roots. Follow through by brushing your hair.

3.     Add some extra volume by flipping your hair and massaging your roots!

Although the steps are simple enough, there are still a few important tips to remember:

·      Don’t spray on wet or damp hair.

·      Wait approximately two minutes after applying dry shampoo before styling

·      Avoid using dry shampoo more than three times in a row—if you reach the third time, it may be time to shampoo.

·      Utilize a boar bristle brush! Boar bristle brushes help work the dry shampoo in better.

·      Lift multiple sections of your hair, using hair clips, when applying dry shampoo; don’t stick to just your normal part.

Redhead Salon Boutique sells a fantastic dry shampoo from Davines: Hair Refresher. This dry shampoo works wonders for second, or even third, day hair! In addition to Hair Refresher, we do have some additional products that can be used to help keep hair fresh throughout the week. We sell BennieFactor’s b More Building Spray that is an overall hair plumper, but you can spray this in your hair and re-blow dry! It acts as a great refresher and keeps your hair from looking flat and oily.

Some other great options are using Davines Oi Oil on the ends of hair, and BennieFactor b Clever Dressing Cream, also sold at Redhead Salon Boutique. To get best results while use b Clever, put one pump in your fingertips and act as if you are shampooing your hair, then blow dry!

Redhead Salon Boutique is more than happy to further educate clients on the benefits of dry shampoos, or answer any styling questions you may have. All products mentioned can be bought by coming into the salon! Make an appointment with us today!