Client Perspective: Amy Royce

A senior at Ball State, Amy Royce's hair has gradually gotten shorter after each year of college. We sat down with Amy to get to know why she chooses Redhead for her ever-changing look. 

Amy, on the left.

Amy, on the left.

Where are you from?

I'm from Indianapolis, Indiana!!

What made you decide to cut your hair short?

It was one of the easiest and best decisions I've ever made!  I used to have hair a couple inches below my shoulders and it was extremely thick, curly, and took a long time to style. I always felt like I had a huge ball of fur on top of my head. So after my senior pictures I decided I was going to cut it all off and and I haven't really missed it too much!

How frequently do you get your hair cut?

If you asked my stylist I'm sure I should probably get my hair cut every 3-4 weeks with as fast as it grows, but I usually never go past 6 weeks.  I swear my hair can grow a few centimeters and I notice a difference when I go to style it.

Who cuts your hair?

Erin Cantrell

Why do you like that particular stylist?

Erin, is extremely talented and enthusiastic at her job!  She's always the loudest stylist in the salon and let's her personality shine through to every client.  I remember the first time I saw Erin she was sporting the most adorable and stylish pixie cut I had ever seen and I had been flirting with the idea of a pixie for months, but never found a style I really liked. After my first appointment with Erin I knew she was the one!  She truly listened to what I wanted instead of pushing her ideas on me and has done a fabulous job with cut and color for me for the past year!

Amy on the right, as a junior with longer hair.

Amy on the right, as a junior with longer hair.

How would you describe your hair style?

I would describe my hairstyle as always changing, but with a little edge.  My hair is between a pixie and a short bob.  In the summer I prefer the pixie, but living in Indiana with the extreme cold weather I usually try to have a little something to cover my neck!

What sets Redhead apart from other salons?

I've lived in Muncie the past four years and tried a few other salons and was petrified to try another one.  Redhead reminded me of the salon I had been going to for years at home and the stylist actually listened to my ideas and how I liked to style my hair compared to doing it how they felt it should look (my biggest pet peeve ever). They also have more of an upscale feel without the snobby stylist and high prices!

Have you purchased any products from our salon?

Yes, I have purchased BennieFactor bCONFIDENT Hairspray and absolutely love the smell, but don't feel like it weighs down my hair throughout the day like other products.

How did you start coming to Redhead?

I was referred to Redhead by a fellow sorority sister.  She raved about the salon and how welcoming the stylist were, so I decided to give it a try!

What is your favorite part about coming to Redhead?

Well other than the obvious head massage while your being shampooed I love the atmosphere.  Its a very fun, upbeat, but serene place that I actually get excited before my appointments!

Describe your Redhead experience in 5 words:

Thrilling, Relaxing, Trusting, Caring, and Dependable.  These may seem odd, but I think getting your haircut is an experience that you should feel comfortable enough to depend on the person styling it as well as trusting them.  They should care enough that they don't let you walk out of that chair without something you absolutely love!

Amy at her senior year Bid Day. Everyone else wore baseball hats, but she made it work!

Amy at her senior year Bid Day. Everyone else wore baseball hats, but she made it work!