Client Perspective: Jay Moorman

Jay Moorman is a loyal client here at Redhead. We sat down with him and asked about his experience here and what keeps him coming back.


Where are you from?

Louisville, KY

Where do you work?

Work at Ontario Systems.

What brought you to Redhead?

My wife is a friend of Brooke’s. One night we were all out and Brooke suggested I come in. After some hesitation, I finally did and have been coming back ever since!

Who cuts your hair?

Erin Cantrell

Why did you choose this particular stylist?

Brooke thought Erin and I would get along. The rest is fate!

How often do you get your hair cut?

Every four weeks.

What sets Redhead apart from other salons or barbershops? How is our salon experience different?

Redhead is a classy environment. It’s a fun break from work, and I never feel like I’m in the middle of a gossip session like at other salons.

Have you purchased any products from our salon? If so, which ones?

Yes! I use the GAGE for MEN shampoo, conditioner, and ¾ cream every day.

Describe your Redhead experience in five words:

1. Classy

2. Oasis

3. Refreshing

4. Professional

5. Valuable

What’s your favorite part of the Redhead experience?

I love coming here because it’s like dropping by a friend’s house. I know I’ll always see a familiar face and have a good time. The scalp massages are worth noting, too!

What keeps you coming back?

From the moment you walk in, the Redhead experience is all about service: Kyle greeting you and asking if you’d like a drink, to the shampoo head massage, to getting your haircut, to setting up your next appointment. It’s the service that is superior! 


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