The swimmer's guide to healthy hair

Your hair is extremely vulnerable to drying agents, such as heat and sun.  Because of that, it seems ironic that soaking your locks in a pool of water could leave it dry and damaged. 

Most people know that chlorine is damaging to hair, but why?  What is it about chlorine and other pool chemicals that poses a threat to gorgeous, silky hair? 

By nature, chlorine is used in swimming pools as a chemical disinfectant.  (Without chlorine, we likely wouldn’t want to take a dive into the slime infested waters!) This disinfectant works to strip not only the water of dirt, oil, and bacteria, but your hair as well.  Your scalp naturally produces oils to help protect your hair, and a regular stripping of these oils can leave your hair feel limp, lifeless, and dry. 

However, you don’t have to sacrifice your days at the pool!  There are a few tricks to help protect your hair from chemical damage.  Before swimming, saturate your hair with clean tap water.  Your locks will work like a sponge that has already soaked up its maximum amount of water!  Also, rinse your hair with clean tap water during or after your swim.  Finally, invest in some quality replenishing products to help strengthen your hair.  (Your hair will thank you for the investment!)

Check out some Davines products currently offered at the salon that may help to re-plump your hair and add strength back into your locks.