Back to the Basics: The Hairbrush

The hairbrush - not only is it a hair care staple, it’s deceptively simple! A handle and bristles seems like all you need to keep your mane untangled and smooth; however, the type of brush you are using could make or break your look.  If you’ve been struggling to achieve a certain style for some time now, the answer may be right in the palm of your hand! 

The below diagram outlines the choices you have when considering which brush to use.  (Didn’t realize you had so many options, huh?  You are not alone!)

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The paddle brush (1) is the most versatile brush and is especially helpful for long, thick hair.  It will work to smooth your hair for a sleek look but may not be your best choice if you lack volume in your locks. 

The wide-tooth comb (2) is a summer essential as its teeth are great for combing tangles out of wet hair. 

The fine-tooth comb (3) should be used for detailed grooming or teasing. 

Thermal brushes (4) are ideal for blowing drying hair and locking in heat.   They will help increase your drying time and can be used to easily smooth your hair or curl it under.

Boar bristled brushes (5) are ideal for use with fine to normal hair.  Their design helps to redistribute oils and bring our your hairs natural shine. 

The skinny round (6) and the half radial brush (8) should be used for shorter hair or bangs because they allow for more control over shorter sections of hair. 

On the other hand, the large round (7) is ideal for creating volume in otherwise flat hair.  This brush can be used to straighten or curl your hair while drying depending on how it is used. 

Finally, the vented brush (9) is the best choice when you need to dry your hair quickly!  The design of the brush creates a significant amount of airflow that will dry your hair quickly and help to create volume. 

Make sure you are equipping yourself with the proper tools to achieve your desired look!