Meet the team

they don't just look good, they make you look good



Kimberly herron
senior stylist

Favorite hairstyles:
Sun-kissed highlights on beach
waves and a classic pixie cut

I'm totally addicted to:
Dr. Pepper
Three words that describe me:
Thoughtful, artistic and OCD


Erin Cantrell
senior stylist /
Apprentice educator

Favorite hairstyles:
Bob, pixie cut and pompadour
My favorite item of clothing
in my closet:

A little black dress
Three words that describe me:
Free spirited, progressive
and fun

Morgan Stonebraker
senior stylist

Favorite hairstyle:
Anything messy or “choppy”
that’s bob length with
I'm totally addicted to:
My favorite thing to do on
a Saturday night is:

Spend time with friends
in Indianapolis


Elizabeth Lennartz

Favorite hairstyle:
Long bob
My dream vacation would be:
An Alaskan Adventure!
My best stress reliever is:
Talking to my sister


lacey little

Favorite hairstyles:
Asymmetrical Bob
Celebrity crush:
Tom Hardy

My best stress reliever:
Reading a good book


el Hurst

Favorite hairstyles:
Balayage, highlights and anything with curls
Favorite vacation:
On the beach

My best stress reliever
A quite bubble bath


maddie feick
salon coordinator

Laura Howard

Favorite hairstyles:
Celebrity crush:
Hugh Jackman
My favorite thing to do
on a Saturday night is:

Go out to dinner


amber Goodhew

Favorite hairstyles:
Balayage with highlights
Favorite vacation:
Relaxing at the lake
My favorite thing to do
on a Saturday night is:

Cook dinner and play cards


Brooke Shrieve
owner / senior stylist

I quickly fell in love with the hair industry. After graduating from Amber's Beauty School and experiencing the business on a professional level, I decided to open Redhead Salon Boutique in 2005. Shortly after, my husband and I dove even further into the industry by making the decision to buy and refurbish Amber's Beauty School. This decision truly changed my life.

After experiencing multiple facets of the industry, I've learned to appreciate the unparalleled value of education. I believe this business is a lifelong journey of learning and I’m extremely dedicated to that. I love this industry and want to take care of it; my work with Amber’s is my small part in doing that.

Overall, I want Redhead to be a reflection of my determination and hard work to better my industry. I want it to be a place where clients feel comfortable, but also pampered and taken care of. I want people to leave feeling happy and beautiful.

My journey thus far has certainly been a learning experience and continues to challenge me. I’m thankful for the continued support of my family, friends and staff – I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. I truly believe the possibilities are endless with this business and I’m excited to see what the future holds!