Healthy Hair, Inside and Out

Here at Redhead, we not only value top-level hair design, we value healthy hair too. From everyday styling to environmental factors, hair takes on plenty of stress. In order to combat that stress, we offer two different restorative treatments.


 NaturalTech Services are homeopathic treatments designed to improve hair health from within. Each service takes about 45 minutes and may be scheduled individually or with an existing appointment.

 Our selection includes:


  • Detox: Clarifying treatments for dull/lifeless hair, swimmers, smokers, etc. Gives hair new life.
  • Energizing: Intensive treatment for fragile, thinning hair, and hair loss. Creates volume and increases nutrient flow to scalp, to create optimal growing ground for hair.
  • Purifying or Rebalancing: Powerful treatment to eliminate greasy or dry dandruff with proven results equal to a dermatologist visit.
  • Nourishing: Our most intense restructuring treatment for dry, brittle, and/or damaged hair.

Service Boosters are NaturalTech services, but in a more compact form, comparable to a wash. They take about 15 extra minutes and can be added on to any existing service for a small fee. They include:

  • Hair Structure Boosters: LEI, Vegetarian Miracle, Hair Building Pak, NouNouPak, Restructuring Miracle
  • Scalp Boosters: Nourishing Shampoo+Royal Jelly Superactive, Calming Shampoo+Superactive, Detox Shampoo+Superactive, Energizing Shampoo+Gel
  • Specialty Shampoo Boosters: Purifying, Rebalancing, Detox Scrub

In addition to these restorative services, we even offer well-being massages. These are lengthier and incorporate the scalp, neck and shoulders.

With these services, you will leave Redhead refreshed and relaxed with beautiful hair inside and out.