Moustache Movember


If you’ve noticed more men with unshaven faces this month, you may be wondering why facial hair has become so popular. Men all around the country are participating in Movember, a movement during November to raise awareness for men’s health issues. If you are participating in Movember, you can still take care of your facial hair in style with Gage for Men and Davines products.


Our Salon Coordinator and in-house moustache aficionado, Kyle Reninger gives tips for men on upkeep of Movember facial hair.


  • Wash: Gage Shampoo is tested on and is safe to use as a face wash as well. Use Gage Shampoo (for fine-normal texture) or Hydrating Wash (for coarse texture) to cleanse the face and beard. You can also use the Gage Shampoo Brush on your beard for cleansing. Apply Gage Conditioner and let sit on hair and beard for 2-3 minutes. Rinse with cool water.
  • Pre-shave: Towel dry face. Use small, pea size amount of Davines Oi/Oil or BennieFactor b Excellent Oil as pre-shave oil. This will help soften hair for shaving, get the closest shave possible, and prevent catching on dull parts of blade. Additionally, it helps blades last longer as hair is not as hard to cut through.



  • Shaving: Use shaving bowl and brush for ideal lather of Gage Shaving Cream. Get brush wet with hot water, apply dime to nickel size amount of cream in bowl, mix, work into face vigorously and against the grain (growth pattern of hair), as to help lift stubble and get closer shave. Shave with a double edged safety razor for the next best thing to a straight razor shave from a barber. Shave with the grain first, then, lather and shave against grain. Rinse with cool water.


  • Finishing: Use Gage Post-Shave and more oil in beard/moustache or unshaven facial hair. Comb beard and moustache in desired directions.



  • Styling: Use Davines “This is a Cream Gel” or Gage Shaping Gel for styling moustache or beard in a desired direction other than it’s natural growth pattern. A blow dryer and comb may be necessary.



Additional tips: Hot water/steam helps open pores and allows for closer shave. Cold water closes pores and helps prevent razor burn.


Thanks Kyle!